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Rimbey, Alberta April 8th, 2017




2 year old 1st place winner:

#572 Mamacita of MX Bar Ranch 92 points


3 year old 1st place winner:

Pinto Stallion of 7 West Contracting  87 points


4&5 year old Saddlebronc 1st place winner:

#409 flaxen sorrel of Jarrett Jackson  85.5 points


Saddlebronc Cowboy 1st place winner:

Layton Green of Meeting Creek, AB  83 points

Kolby Wanchuk of Sherwood Park, AB  83 points


4&5 year old Bareback 1st place winner:

#209 Gringo Joe of Bar Anchor Ranch  85 points


Bareback Cowboy 1st place winner:

Bailey Plaiser of Selkirk, MB  82.5 points


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